Planning ahead for next year?  Make your lessons outstanding with our award winning specification matched geography videos that will captivate your students and enrich their learning.


Provide students with memorable, up to date case study material from around the world with our collection of 28 geography film resources.


Our physical geography collection provides students with the very latest thinking on the processes shaping the land. Rivers, coasts, tectonics, glaciation and climate change are all covered through the use of video case studies, animations, graphics and expert interviews.


Give your students access to contemporary thinking about hazard events. Filmed in a variety of locations, from Montserrat and Haiti to Iceland and Bangladesh, our videos on volcanoes, earthquakes, cyclones and flooding encourage students to draw insighful comparisons about the degree of vulnerability and risk between MEDC and LEDC countries.


Bring globalisation to life. Complex geographical theories and concepts are made more accessible with our films as they are explored through the narratives of real people. Using film clips can really help bring a subject to life. Watching a child worker in Bangladesh talk about their living and working contitions means students gain a deeper understanding than by just reading a textbook.


And our titles on tourism will encourage debate in the classroom and ensure students develop key analytical skills, as they seek to weigh up the different opinions and positions held by the variety of stakeholders interviewed in each film.


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