How Pumpkin Interactive Video content supports the draft AQA GCSE Geography specification

With the new draft GCSE geography specifications having now been released its been an interesting read to see where the key changes and challenges lie in terms of content.


Teaching the geography of the UK

One of the key areas is an increasing spotlight on the geography of the UK, which presents an opportunity to look again at the way physical and human geography is taught in the UK.  

As the leading UK producer of video content for the teaching of geography at GCSE and GCE we have some fantastic UK based case study material in our catalogue, to help you in your teaching of UK landscape, population, economy and urban spaces. 


Geomorphic processes and landscape

Another key challenge is the increasing focus on geomorphic processes and landscape. With aerial footage, video case study illustrations and graphics of the key landforms and processes our materials can support the core conceptual and theoretical knowledge as well as providing text book examples for units of Rivers, Coasts and Glaciation. 


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In this document we have outlined how our titles match the draft AQA GCSE specifications. You will find the other awarding bodies covered in our other news posts. 


Living with the Physical Environment: Section A:

The Challenge of natural hazards


Tectonics:  Processes and Landforms

With examples from Montserrat, Haiti, Iceland, the Alps and the UK, this DVD provides explanations and illustrations for the processes, features and landforms that occur at different plate margins. 

The Haiti Earthquake: Impacts and Responses

Using footage filmed straight after the 2010 earthquake and in the three years following, the resource explores the primary and secondary impacts of the quake and responses to them. 

Iceland: Living with Volcanoes

A fantastic MEDC case study, this DVD looks at why people live in volcanic regions, the impacts of the 2010 eruption and the responses to it, including the role of emergency planning and early warning systems.  

Montserrat: Living with Volcanoes

Provides a clear explanation of the processes causing Montserrat’s recent volcanic activity and then assess the impacts of the continuing eruptions.

Geohazards: Monitoring and Prediction

Filmed with scientists working on some of the world's most active plate systems, this resource examines to what extent geohazards can be monitored and predicted.

Tropical Storms

The physical processes the lead to the formation of a cyclone are clearly explained, and the impacts explored through extraordinary footage shot during and after Bangladesh's most recent cyclone. 

Extreme Weather in the UK – Coming soon


Climate Change

This DVD provides clear explanations of the processes the cause climate change and gets students thinking about the extent to which these are caused naturally or are the result of human activity 

Living with the Physical Environment: Section B:

Physical Landscapes in the UK


The UK’s Changing Landscape – coming soon

Glaciation: Process and Landforms

Using examples filmed in the UK, Iceland and the Alps, this DVD illustrates and explains the processes and landforms associated with glaciers.

Glaciation in the UK (available late 2015)

With specific reference to UK examples, this resource explores the erosional and depositional processes and landforms associated with glaciation.

Coastal Processes and Landforms

Taking a systems approach and using UK examples, this DVD illustrates and explains the coastal processes of erosion, transportation, deposition, weathering and mass movement that create coastal landforms.

Holderness: Sustainable Coastal Management

This resource looks at the processes that have created the Holderness coastline before discussing the challenges of managing and living with this changing coastline.

Managing the Dorset Coast

This DVD examines the sustainability and success of the strategies that have been put in place to manage Dorset's Jurassic Coast.

River Processes and Landforms

Memorable illustrations of erosional and depositional landforms are used to explain the processes or fluvial erosion, transportation and deposition and to show how they change throughout a river's course.

Flooding in the UK: Tewkesbury

Freak weather event or disaster waiting to happen? Explore the causes and impacts of recent flood events in the UK with this DVD that also considers the sustainability of a variety of hard and soft management strategies

Living with the Physical Environment: Section C:

The Living World


Tropical Rainforests – coming soon


Challenges in the human environment: Section A

Urban issues and challenges


Regenerating a City: the rebranding of Glasgow

Explore the redevelopment and rebranding of Glasgow from its economic and social decline to is present day rebirth

The 2012 Olympics and East London's Regeneration

Explores to what extent the Olympics has enabled East London to develop socially, environmentally and economically.

Challenges of Urbanisation: Inequalities in Bangalore

A fantastic case study for the study of rapid urbanization in India, this video examples the causes, impacts and management of rapid urban growth.

Challenges in the human environment: Section B

The Changing economic world


Youthful Populations: an African case study

The Gambia has one of the poorest and most youthful populations in the world. This resource looks at the impact of this demographic on the country’s infrastructure, service provision and environment. It then highlights a variety of successful population management strategies aimed at reducing the development gap, including campaigns to increase uptake of contraception, manage natural resources and increase educational opportunities for girls.

Emerging Superpower: India’s Booming Bangalore

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, this resource considers the factors contributing to Bangalore’s success, the role of globalisation, the challenges of its rapid growth and the impact the new middle class is having on a traditional society. It then explores what is being done to improve transport, infrastructure and access to services.

Rural Challenges: Inequalities and Development in India

This DVD looks at the factors limiting the rate and level of development in India’s rural south and asks why does most of India’s rural population live below subsistence level, relying on aid, despite India having the second biggest agricultural economy in the world? Strategies to reduce poverty like microcredit schemes, intermediate technology and aid are then examined.

Issues in Globalisation: How Fair is Fashion?

Using the international fashion industry as a case study, this resource explores the effect of globlisation in Bangladesh. It talks to young female workers employed in large-scale textile factories and then compares their living and working conditions with women employed by a rural fair trade fashion initiative.

Issues in Globalisation: Environmental Impacts and Sustainability

This resource contrasts the environmental impact of the textile industry in Bangladesh and the UK. In Bangladesh, residents of Dhaka’s slums explain how extreme industrial pollution is damaging their environment and health.

Challenges in the human environment: Section C

The Challenge of Resource Management

The Greening of Energy

The development of renewable energies can often be a cause of conflict. Examine the pros and cons of a variety of renewable energy sources with this title that draws examples from the UK, India and Europe.

Debating Energy Futures: Coal, Gas and Nuclear

With case studies from the US, the UK, China and India, this title asks how important coal, gas and nuclear will be in the future global energy mix. 

Global Energy Security

With case studies from the EU, Iceland, China, India, Canada and the US, this resource examines what makes some countries more energy secure than others and what strategies can be pursued to improve security. 

Energy Security: India's Sustainable Solutions

This resource assesses the environmental impacts of two renewable energy options in India: Wind Power and Biogas.