Filmed in Bangladesh, one of the world's largest textile manufacturers, this resource explores the social cost of our cheap textiles. With footage filmed inside a number of Bangladeshi textile factories, it explores the issues of sweatshop labour, poor working conditions, a fair wage and the right to unionise and asks who is responsible? It then compares the social impacts of this mass-scale textiles production with the benefits brought to a small rural community in Bangladesh by a fair trade textile initiative.

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Endorsed by Edexcel for use with their GCSE in Design and Technology: Textiles Technology

Endorsed by OCR for use with their GCSE in Design and Technology: Textiles Technology

Recommended by AQA in their resources list for both their GCSE and GCE D&T Textiles specifications


“A DVD like this brings the real world into the classroom. It engages in what can sometimes be a difficult subject to comprehend. One to buy for the classroom!”

Just4Textiles, Autumn 2011

Ethical textiles is one of those areas that we think is only relevant to us in here in the 21st Century, but history tells us otherwise. The basic rights of good working conditions and a decent living wage have been important for many decades. This DVD, in an empathetic manner, allows the viewer to see ‘the bigger picture’ associated with the consumer society that we live in.

By being shown inside factories we are able to see the conditions and view the workers first hand. The fact that they are making clothing or textiles makes us aware that we could be wearing or using products that were made in these conditions.

The film discusses the wider issues associated with the social impact of global textile production and asks “who is responsible for this?” On the other side of the fence we are also shown how ‘Fairtrade’ initiatives can be used to move away from ‘sweatshops’ to conditions where community and social support prevail.

A DVD like this brings the real world into the classroom, and although it may or may not change habits related to what we buy and why, it will certainly get you thinking. The world is sometimes not as big as we think and fashion’s global impact is not just what is seen in the glossy magazines. This is a behind-the-scenes view of the wider issues surrounding fashion, and discusses how and why we should engage in the ethical debates associated not only with fashion, but with the other products we use every day.

The film is a worthy effort; one that engages in what can be a difficult subject to sometimes comprehend. It would definitely lead to further classroom discussion, and is supported with additional notes, transcript and questions for starter activities.

One to buy for the classroom!

Review in Just4Textiles, Autumn 2011

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